Foundations of “Dogonomics”

The Vending Machine for dogs exchanges toys for treats. It also allows our Resident Scientist Dr. Albert, to investigate the principles of trade.


The investigation is carried out using the vending machine for dogs which exchanges dog toys for treats.

Different types of toys have different values. A ball can be exchanged for a small treat. A lager elliptical green toy can be exchanged for a larger treat; however the scientist needs to orientate the toy correctly when inserting it into the machine – and it is more difficult. On the other hand the green toy has a greater chewing value. So there are some choices to be made – chew the toy now and exchange it later or trade the toy immediately and enjoy the food straight away or just play with it forever…These are serious choices, when the toy is inserted it won’t be returned any time soon.


Like all vending machines, sometimes it gets jammed. The Dog Scientist learnt how to outwit the system and get back the toys which he put in.