Give me a lever… And I get the ball!

It is has been long established that dogs can use a complex tools in order to perform a task that they need – for example, to get food from a shelf or to get a tennis ball to be thrown. Of cause this complex tool is called a human.

But the question remains – can a dog use a simple tool, such, say, a lever . Archimedes proposed that a lever could be used to move the world. Can our resident scientist Dr. Albert use a lever to lift a ball, enabling it to roll it out of a box?

Of cause he really wants the ball so that he can exchange it for a treat using his vending machine, as we have seen in our [previous] experiments.

At first Albert tries to chew, dig and bark his way to the answer.

When a task is too complex, a scientist often simplifies it and solves the easier problem before re-examining the original question.

To solve the problem of using a lever, netting was placed around the device. This prompted Albert to apply a different strategy to complete his task. Subsequently, he discovered that pressing the lever with his paw would do the trick.