What is a Scientist?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a scientist is a “A person who is studying or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.” These individuals tend to be characterised by several features: Intelligence – They have the aptitude to learn new things and apply their skills to answer questions. Great […]

Training a dog to press a button

We are training our labrador Albert to live in the 21st century. As a first step he needs to learn how to to press a button. We built a device that creates the conditions that allow him to learn by himself.

Give me a lever… And I get the ball!

It is has been long established that dogs can use a complex tools in order to perform a task that they need – for example, to get food from a shelf or to get a tennis ball to be thrown. Of cause this complex tool is called a human. But the question remains – can […]

Caninology – Decision Making

In this experiment our Resident Scientist Dr. Albert investigates how dogs make decisions. Albert was given 2 vending machines and 5 balls. As seen in our previous experiments, Dr. Albert knows that the first vending machine (on the right of the screen) exchanges 1 ball for a one small treat and the second vending machine […]

Labrador Mathematics

In this experiment our Resident Scientist Dr. Albert conducts further investigations into the principles of trade. The investigation was carried out with a vending machine which is programmed to take 3 balls before opening a mechanical door to a compartment with a large toy, filled with treats. Here, Dr. Albert shows that a scientist must […]

Foundations of “Dogonomics”

The Vending Machine for dogs exchanges toys for treats. It also allows our Resident Scientist Dr. Albert, to investigate the principles of trade.   The investigation is carried out using the vending machine for dogs which exchanges dog toys for treats. Different types of toys have different values. A ball can be exchanged for a […]